EXPERT ORGANIC SUGARING inside The Foremost at 4th & South


What is Sugaring Hair Removal?

Hello, Philly and Surrounding Areas! We are so happy to bring sugaring hair removal to the South Street/Queen Village neighborhood! ...Where our regulars enjoy a $42 brazilian every day.

Sugaring Hair Removal is an ancient art dating back 4000 years to Egypt and Persia. Room temperature paste is applied to the skin and quickly snapped off, removing the hair from the root. It's a superior service to waxing in every conceivable way, 

Sugaring Hair Removal clients benefit from services that are faster and less painful, more thorough, that tend to last longer and result in finer or less hair over time (*results, of course, vary from person to person) and are completely sanitary.

Sugaring is incredibly eco-conscious: organic sugar paste, biodegradable gloves, biobag trash bags, earth-friendly detergent... equates to a near zero waste studio that protects the environment we all share.

Book Online Anytime! 


Services and Pricing


BRAZILIAN (30-45 min): 

We offer BRAZILIANS AND EXTENDED BIKINIS to Women, Trans Clients, Intersex Clients, and Gender Non-Conforming Clients. (See below)


   ~You must be 18

   ~Pubic bone to tailbone  

   ~Leave what you want behind or take it all off

   ~First appointment comes with a one week touch-up



  ~For clients who return every 4-6 weeks



  ~You must be 18

  ~Bathing suit ready, with the labia left behind, but the crack is snatched 

BIKINI LINE (15 min): 


  ~Bathing suit ready - bikini line fuzz-free

EXPRESS BRAZILIAN (15 min - by invitation):


  ~You must be OK'd for this in advance by your technician who will time the service to see if you qualify

  ~A note must be added to your account - if there is no note, your service will be changed to a Maintenance Brazilian and the price will reflect the change

  ~You cannot be late - this service will strictly timed



Brows (15-30 min): 


Lip, Cheek/Sideburn, or Chin (15 min): 


Full Face (45 min): 



Underarms (15 min): 


Legs (45/30 min): 

Full: $65 1/2: $40

(Yes, this is for BOTH legs)

Arms (30-45 min) 

Full: $40 1/2: $30

Chest/Stomach (30-45 min) 

Each: $25 Both: $45

Back (30-45 min) 

Half: $25 Full: $45

Tush/Crack (15 min): 

Each: $20 Both: $30

By the Hour: $100

Don't see what you want? Book something similar and tell us when you get here. We cannot sugar your scalp or beard, but the rest of you is up for grabs.

**Specials are adjusted at checkout - PLEASE REMIND US!


About Philly Sugaring

Philly Sugaring is dedicated to the proliferation of superb organic sugaring hair removal services.

Julie (Partner, Esthetician, Educator) became a licensed esthetician and expert sugarist in Seattle, WA, in 2012. In addition to over 7000 successful services, Julie is also a serial entrepreneur and educator, owning and managing successful spas while concurrently developing a product line and curriculum to train the next generation of sugarists. 

Adrian (Partner, Esthetician, GM), the driving force behind Philly Sugaring, is proud to be bringing organic sugaring hair removal services to the South Street community.

Mindy (Sugarist, Licensed Cosmetologist) is a proud graduate of Toni and Guy, and has become a skilled and passionate sugarist. BOOK WITH MINDY for October and get your New Client Brazilian for only $25!!


Please enjoy the small number of great reviews that yelp decided to leave unfiltered. NONE of our reviews are solicited and we do not pay clients any kind of bonus when they post one. 


Clients should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their service time with clean skin (no lotions or oils, please) and hair long enough to pinch with their fingertips (about 1/8 of an inch - shorter than wax - about as long as a grain of rice).

A room-temperature paste of sugar, water and citric acid will be applied to the skin and snapped off, removing the hair from the root.

The entire process will be described in full during the first service. 

Regular appointments (every 4-6 weeks) will result in permanent hair reduction, but individual results will vary. Regular appointments also will result in faster, less uncomfortable services.

Aftercare is simple: keep your skin cool and clean, friction, heat and product free for 24 hours to allow the follicles to close and repair. 


Clients with certain chronic blood or autoimmune disorders should check with a doctor before participating in hair removal. Clients taking any medications that list skin or photo-sensitivity as a side-effect, should consult your doctor before receiving hair removal. Medications and medical conditions should be disclosed to your technician prior to receiving services

All services are at your own risk, so help us minimize it by committing to proper before and after care and by being in good health for your service


We are so excited that you are taking advantage of a new client special!  Please note: the special is good for the appointment you book that reserves your time, so plan wisely and be early


Please plan for traffic, parking and restroom! If you are more than 5 minutes late, we cannot guarantee your services, as it would be unfair to disrupt the appointment time of the client after you.

Our system notifies us every time an appointment is booked, moved or canceled. Booking a service means another, equally deserving client cannot reserve that time, so please be fair and considerate of the spa and everyone who wants to receive services here


It can be a challenge to catch us on the phone, so the fastest way to contact our business is to text or WhatsApp 



Philly Sugaring has a ONE STRIKE policy for the First Appointment No Show No Contact. Nobody feels worse about this policy than we do.

We profusely thank our clients who understand the value of our time and we feel terrible for even having to put something like this on our site as it should be 100% devoted to creating a positive and educational client experience.

Happy Booking!

Trans, Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming and Intersex Clients

We provide professional, respectful, confirming and affirming hair removal services. When booking, please use the "non-binary" option under gender and arrive on-time or early so we can consult with you to give you exactly the services that you want.   



Where the Heck is the SPA!?!

4th and South is an amazing and often overwhelming intersection - and we are hiding in plain sight!  Look for the gold elevator right next to the Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor (look for skeletons and chandeliers) and take it to the third floor.  Across from Ants Pants, Crash, Bang Boom and South Street Art Mart.

What's the deal with parking?

There is paid parking at 4th and Bainbridge and free parking at 2nd and South in Head House Square. There is street parking. Our local meter maids are unforgiving, hateful and ruthless, so please read all the signs and follow them.

Can you still sugar me if I have my period?

Sure can! Just wear a tampon or a diva cup!

Are there any deals right now?

YES! For the month of October, NEW CLIENTS who book with Mindy receive their first Brazilian for $25.

Philly Game Shop just opened on Fifth just up Gaskill and to the left. If you purchase some cool games, you get 10% off your order until Halloween!

Do you take walk-ins?

No, we do not. We are by appointment only, so book online anytime. 

How old do you have to be?

For Brazilians and Extended Bikini, 18. For all other services, 16 with a parent signing the consent form,; otherwise, 18.

GROUPON, Yelp and Special Deal Info...

How these things work

We all love websites like these for giving us the opportunity to try a new business or service at an attractive price point, but I think it's important for everyone to understand that the only people who really are winning are the deal websites.

When a business puts a *new client* special anywhere, it is an expense to that business - not just because the item or service is deeply discounted, but primarily because Yelp and Groupon take exploitative and predatory cuts to the margins.


Now that you know how deals work on all sides, if you have a new client special, book normally online and we will adjust the total at checkout.

Mindful Everyday Pricing

Our Maintenance Brazilian is $42, our Underarm is $15. We have carefully and appropriately priced our services because we like full books and happy clients. And our newsletters will have specials, so no worries!

Simple as that.

Philly Sugaring

Expert, Organic Sugaring Hair Removal at 4th and South

Philly Sugaring values diversity and inclusion. Our job is to help you intentionally curate your body hair in one of the safest and most eco-friendly ways. We are excited to meet you! Tell us your pronouns so we can use them!!!

525 S 4th Street #363, Philadelphia PA 19147